Splitsider's Picks for 20 Greatest Standup Specials of All Time

Whether you agree with the subjective order in this top 20, or would like to swap out to make room for a couple of your faves, there is no denying the massive influence of these 20 stand-ups, and these specials are definitively indicative of their peak work. Some great clips - including full specials in some cases - are embedded within.

Americans Who Have Not Read a Single Article About Syria Strongly Support Bombing It - The New Yorker

The Onion: Police Slog Through 40,000 Insipid Party Pics To Find Cause Of Dorm Fire

“People don’t remember how hilarious [1980s Oklahoma basketball coach] Billy Tubbs was, often without even trying. Once, his wife accused Tubbs of loving basketball more than he loved her. ‘But honey,’ he replied, ‘I love you more than track.’”

courtesy Chuck Klosterman

This Scene From Star Wars Replacing the Score With Ambient Noise is Shockingly Hilarious


Eugene Mirman (x,x)

Amazing. Big ups Euge…..

Times are changing, fortunately… a great bit from one of America’s best comedians.

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The Get Go! - Smile

A very funny sketch from one of my fav sketch groups

Extraordinary. I applaud the sentiment, but, better, it’s so, so funny.


Country Music Awards - NBC - 1988


Country Music Awards - NBC - 1988

Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert in 1993, along with fellow improvisers David Razowsky and Paul Dinello, performing the “The Obvious Song.”

It’s a clip that is a part of a revue called Take Me Out to the Balkans at the legendary Second City venue.

More context here.

Such an amazing Robert Smigel-penned SNL sketch. (Smigel would go on to be head writer for Conan.) Trust me - you don’t need any political / media references to love this one. Thanks to Matthew Warnock for reminding me of this lunacy.